Professional Training and Development of Teachers

We believe that in order to meet the needs of this era, a teacher must go through advance professional studies as they are actually the builder of the nation. They are the pillars on which the foundation of a strong nation is laid. The objective is to improve teaching techniques at all levels. The result is brand new approach that keeps creativity at the frontline of the teaching process.

In order to achieve a high standard, the institute not only assures good quality of education for students, but also organizes teacher’s training workshops. These workshops are conducted by highly experienced trainers.

NSS emphasis on training of teachers to develop an excellent educational environment and to develop conceptual and human skills among students. In pursuit of these objectives we train according to Dr. Maria Montessori Method of teaching and the guidance is provided regarding curriculum activities. Furthermore, our faculty and staff members are ready to be your partners in your quest for learning and personal development.

Since 1981

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