Extra Curricular Activities

A famous saying “All work and no play make Tom dull and lazy” point to the importance of extra curriculum activities in a student’s life. No school can be said to be complete without its sports activities and provision of opportunities to the students, so a wide range of Extra Curricular Activities are available to NSS’s students which are designed as an integrated part of school. These activities are aimed to social, moral and physical developments of pupils. These include:

  1. Annual Inter Branch Activities Competition
  2. (Naat Khawani, Creative Writing, Debate Competition etc)
  3. Annual Quiz Competition
  4. Creative Model Making Competition
  5. Sports Festivals
  6. Cricket Tournaments (for boys)
  7. Badminton Tournaments (for girls)
  8. Fancy Dress Show (after every 2 yrs.)
  9. Educational Trips outside and inside the city
  10. Eid Milan Parties
  11. Poem Singing Competition (Montessori section)
  12. General Knowledge Competition (Montessori Section)
  13. Celebrating Color Days (on monthly basis for Montessori section to teach them the distinction of colors)

Computer Education

Indeed the world of today is the world of science and technology, our new generation is lucky to have an easy access to information through internet and other electronic media. Moreover hard work and concentration on study is a key to success. Having future-oriented approach towards education and keeping in mind the importance of computer education, at NSS computer education has been made an integral part of school curriculum. Students are provided theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience. Priority is to clear the fundamental concepts of students and to teach the latest techniques of using computers.

Consultation with Parents

We keep the parents fully informed about the progress of their child at school because besides teacher, parents also play role in building child’s future, especially when it comes to the selection of subjects to be studied, college or selection of careers. So co-operation of parents is essential towards developing interest of their child in co-curricular activities, hobbies and reading.

Parent/teacher meetings are held at the end of every assessment. However, parents can meet the teacher on Saturdays. Parents are also encouraged to stay in touch with school administration. However, appointments should be made via personal notes or phone calls.

Islamic Values

  1. Native’s Academic Year starts from March 15th with the name of ALLAH Almighty. All students read Holy Quran and say prayers for the betterment of their future and of the school as well.
  2. Students of NSS are highly concerned with ALLAH Almighty so school arranges Quran Khawanis at least three times a year, in which students of senior classes read Holy Quran and say Darood Sharif for Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H)
  3. These holy gatherings are arranged to develop the interest of students in Islamic Values and to increase their love for Allah Almighty and our religion Islam.
  4. The School also  arrange lecturers  from renowed  scholars of islam for their senior students.
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