Mr. Fazal-ur-Rahman, Mrs. Tahira Fazal ur Rahman and his devoted companions laid the foundation of NATIVE SCHOOL SYSTEM in March 1981 at Davis Road, Empress Road, near Shimla Hill in Lahore. It was inaugurated on 17th of April, 1981 by Lieutenant General (rtd.) M.H. Ansari who was the Director General of L.D.A at that time.


In 1982, institute got registered with Education Department, Lahore, under the name of Native Middle School. In 1984, a separate branch for girls had been established at Empress Rd. Furthermore, in 1984 as a result of Punjab Private Educational Institutions Ordinance, separate schools for girls and boys were registered from the Directorate Education, Lahore.
Since then Native Institutions are officially registered and recognized with the Board of Intermediateand Sccondary Education Lahore and Native Educational Gateway Pvt. Limited is also registered  under the Companies ordinance and holds its trademark under the ordinance 2001/Act 1940  Govt. of Pakistan, holding all its rights.

 Since 1981 Native School System has developed 13 campuses  in different vicinities of Lahore. Moreover, thousands of students have accomplished their school education from Native and made their self part of other leading institution across Pakistan for higher education to achieve goals of their life.

Native Educational Gateway Pvt. Limited has launched the proprietary  mark NATIVE SCHOOLS based on academic and strategic partnership  between Native Educational Gateway Pvt. Limited and our Network Associates as licensee having the right to use, in connection with the school operations.

Since 1981

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