There are so many schools, colleges and universitiesavailable around us. But the education without proper Training and grooming of the students is a big dilemma of our educational system. Whereas no educational institute or system can deliver education without these parameters. As MD of Native Schools I am fully convinced that no institute is liable to be called as a true educational institute without providing proper Training and grooming to their students. In my personal opinion Education is a combination of four things. First the students should be properly trained and capable to explore one’s self concerning to all capacities and capabilities already built in by our Creator. Secondly, to make the students active patriotic citizen. Third to make student a productive individual who should act as an asset for the Country, family and for the mankind. Fourth, our students should be creative and innovative. They must have clear concepts in all aspects of life. Education is a Cult, it is the Inheritance of the selected individuals called Holy Prophets. Native schools have been working and providing the education followed these concepts since last three decades. I believe Education a cult and our love which is eternal. It is for all times to come.

Qasim Ali Shah
Managing Director


Education is an unending and ongoing process. One has to keep the mind within humanity to learn. On assuming the office as CEO of Native Schools.

I convey my immense pleasure in getting an opportunity to work and fruitfully interact with all members of staff, students and their parents. In recent years the Native Schools has grown abundantly in its size and stature. It is our solemn duty and responsibility to ensure that purposeful education training of a high standard is imparted to our students to equip them to complete for various careers and course of choice in years to come and comprehensive administrative facilities with in available resources are made available to all for shaping up the institution towards attainment of our cherished goals.

I ensure, to the best of my ability for selfless contribution towards the noble cause of building up the institution for all round growth and development of its children. To bring up Native Schools comparably at per with other schools of repute, calls for wholehearted dedication on the part of students, staff members as well as everyone associated with Native Schools. Let us therefore remember that:

“To get together in the beginning;
To stay together in progress;
To work together in success”

Mian Atif ur Rahman

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Purpose of Native School System

The purpose of Native School System is to create and disseminate indigenous and internationally accepted knowledge in the field of education. The institute has been established with the mission to provide our generation a solid base, in the best educational environment and recreational facilities according to the demand of present time. We make studies interesting for children by indulging them in vigorous practical work and group studies and activities to enhance their intellect.

Here you will find an excellent blend of tradition and modernity, but at the same time we cherish our Islamic and cultural values and we devote our students to follow the Islamic way of life. The ultimate aim is to strengthen the nation so that our country shall one day stand in the proud echelons of the most advanced nations. We’re committed to our great leader Quaid Azam’s saying: "Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education and training for the arduous task living ahead of them."

Professional Training and Development of Teachers

We believe that in order to meet the needs of this era, a teacher must go through advance professional studies as they are actually the builder of the nation. They are the pillars on which the foundation of a strong nation is laid. The objective is to improve teaching techniques at all levels. The result is brand new approach that keeps creativity at the frontline of the teaching process.

In order to achieve a high standard, the institute not only assures good quality of education for students, but also organizes teacher’s training workshops. These workshops are conducted by highly experienced trainers.

NSS emphasis on training of teachers to develop an excellent educational environment and to develop conceptual and human skills among students. In pursuit of these objectives we train according to Dr. Maria Montessori Method of teaching and the guidance is provided regarding curriculum activities. Furthermore, our faculty and staff members are ready to be your partners in your quest for learning and personal development.


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